Deep Diaper Discounts for all Christ Child Chapters!!!

NCCS is pre-qualifying all chapters for the new nationwide Community Diaper Program. 

Did you know that for many needy families, the cost of diapers can be as much as 14% of their household income?  And that they can pay as much as $.70/diaper because of the high pricing at corner stores which may be the only place they can buy them.  

For years federal assistance has excluded diapers from food stamps or medicaid, notwithstanding the serious health repercussions for many babies and toddlers.  E-retailer Jet and Cuties Diapers have joined together to plug this "diaper loophole" and make low cost diapers easily accessible to low-income families--and those who serve them.

Read the latest blog to hear more about this fantastic program and how easy it will be for chapters to take advantage of it for the benefit of local children.