2018 Coat Distribution Final

     Well to say it was a tremendous year would be an understatement.  We found ourselves in a new space this year.  We weren't sure how it would work out because in the past the clients were not all in the same room.  The volunteers however made it work fabulous. We also added more evenings this year.  This meant a little bit more activity in the waiting room. The new reading corner helped with the waiting as the children were read to and then were able to pick a book out and take home with them.

We saw 1075 clients this year.  We saw case managers from schools, homeless shelters, and women's shelter.  We saw grandmothers, fathers,mothers, and siblings.  All of which were just trying to do what they can to make a child's life better by making sure they had a warm coat as they walked to school or stood at the bus stop.

We gave out 2275 Payless gift cards so these families can buy shoes or boots for the children to keep their little feet warm through the winter.

2258 Coats went to children in our community fitted specifically for them by a loving volunteer. Accompanied with a hat, glove, & scarf.

Parkview Community Health administered 370 flu shots to adults to help keep them healthy this flu season.

We had 106 volunteers. Most of them of course CCSFW ladies. We also had husbands helping. We saw teen age children reading to the little ones. We had a group of young men from the Purdue Golf team assisting us also.

We logged in 1,024.75 hours of dedication during our 5 weeks.

There was even a coordination of food invloved for the volunteers .

What a blessing this group of people are to dedicate all those hours to serve the children in our area.

It truly shows there is no limit to what can be done in the name of Love.

We are very Thankful to everyone.