Annual Fall Meeting.

Our Annual Fall business meeting was held Nov. 8 at St. Mary of God Church. We welcomed 3 out of 10 new members. We are always excited to see new members. Make sure to say hello and welcome them when you see them at any of the many workshops coming up.

Bette Worley will become the new Recording Secretary as Annie McCory moves on as our Grant Coordinator. We have many members that have so many different talents and we appreciate them . Thank you Annie for everything you do for Christ Child.

After 5 years Karen Schleinkofer will hand over the big job of treasurer to Anne Beckett.  What a tremendous job Karen has done for our chapter.

Roseann Schreiber will step into the role of co-chair with Ellen Curtis on the Spiritual Committee. These two ladies will make a wonderful team of responding to our spiritual needs.

Judy Hein will take on the Tributes committee formerly the memorial cards.

Jeanne Wagner will become co-chair with Teri Clark on the Layettes Committee. Jane Brechill will become their line coordinator.