April 2020 newsletter

April 2020

Dear Members,

I recently had a conference call with the National President and office going over the 2019 Annual Report from all the CCS chapters. During this call, chapters were talking about how the pandemic has effected their chapter and the steps each have taken. It was sobering to hear that many chapters had to cancel their fundraising events because of the social distancing and stay at home orders in their states. Yet, each chapter went on to share how they are trying to find new ways to help and feel useful ministering to children and their families.

CCSFW is so thankful that our biggest fundraiser was just finishing up before the Coronavirus hit our area. I am very happy to announce that the Baby Bottles for 2020 made $63,024.90! It is up more than $12,000 from 2019. This number will continue to go up because the bottles tend to keep trickling in throughout the year. (Probably more so this year than in years past.) I cannot say it enough thank you, thank you and thank you Lynda and Brock Rittenhouse and Kathy Ryan! Lynda, Brock and Kathy’s willingness to step outside their comfort zone and into new roles is greatly appreciated. We love you for it! Amy Urban and Anne Beckett, the way you both always put the CCSFW mission first…inspirational! Thank you for mentoring the new leaders. A big shout out to all the parish coordinators and members and their husbands who processed the bottles. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Last month, I touched on how CCSFW communicates with the membership via email (e-blast) and I have loved hearing from you after receiving an e-blast. Keep it up! We have used your information and have changed e-blast software. Additionally, we have a new e-mail address to enable more members to receive the e-blast. MailChimp is the new software vendor and we are now using communications@christchildfw.org to deliver the e-blasts. Please add this address to your contacts in order to promote inbox usage and not ending up in spam.

The Executive Committee met this past Monday via Zoom for our monthly meeting. It was determined at that time that the April 8th, Board Meeting business be conducted via email. Among the normal chapter reports and business, the Board voted on the cancellation of the Spring Luncheon. In light of unknown variables and taking responsible measures, the Board has decided to cancel the Spring Luncheon which was to be held May 12th. If conditions change in the summer, we hope to have an outdoor social to celebrate our membership. Fingers crossed!

Other CCSFW ministry news:

Crib Club is looking for schedulers for the Jefferson and Coliseum Crib Clubs. If you like to talk to people on the phone and have to stay at home, this might be the job for you! Call Nancy Hanlon for information on getting started after Easter. Remember it takes a village!

Koats for Kids has rebranded itself with a “K”. Our area has multiple “Coats for Kids” programs namely RSVP, a nationwide coats give-away program that has operated in the Fort Wayne area for over 20 years. The Board felt it was time to rebrand ourselves in order to stand out. Watch for more on the new look of our rebranding in the future.

“My Stuff” Backpacks was asked to reach out to their partners earlier this year and ask if the needs were being met and other information. In doing so Cindy and Kathy brought back lots of facts and areas that needed to be filled. The Sewing Committee generously helped fill one of those needs adding a CCSFW flair for thinking creatively! Vincent Village needed blankets for the moms to lay their babies on the floor. Patti Robertson volunteered to make the blankets and then in CCSFW fashion, Patty Schrimper made backpacks fashioned out of kitchen towels made to hold the blankets and other items. Each has the CCS logo on the front. On the back, lower right hand corner is a unique critter/picture for each mother to recognize as her own bag. They think of everything!

Spiritual Committee Sunshine person for the month of April is
Roseann Schreiber and Ellen Curtis is always looking out for the prayer chain.

Reading Rangers Geri Boyden, Chair delivered the books for April and May to the teachers at St. Joseph and Precious Blood. They were so excited to pass along the books to the students for them to read and share with their families this summer. Although, we couldn’t finish the year in person, our
literacy program continues. No matter what!

In closing, I’d like to share with you the intense feelings I have been having in my faith life during this time of isolation. I am not a what you would call a “morning person”. However, I wanted to keep my normal routine during this stay at home order. Since I have the time, I have been watching daily Mass in the mornings. The house is quiet and it has become a special time for me and Jesus to connect. When I watch the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the way that it is stripped bare of all the extras, it allows me to experience the Holy Spirit in such a way that sometimes I’m brought close to tears. During the Holy Thursday homily, the priest talked about using this pandemic to embrace the stillness and listen to Jesus. To take a moment for my eyes to be opened. To see the reality of God in my midst and what He wants me to discover. I am not worthy and yet, my heart overflows for what Jesus did for me! I pray that you too, can discover what God needs from you in this most Holy time of year.

God bless you all!

Mary Virginia Merrick, pray for us!

Tina Bailey, CCSFW President
Just in case anybody missed the Noll workroom :)
Noll Workroom