May 2020 Newsletter

President's Letter
May 2020

Dear Christ Child Society Members,

This past Monday, I met with my Executive Committee via Zoom and accomplished a business board meeting via email with our wonderful Board. We discussed the governor re-opening the state and how the health and safety of our members and clients should be our main responsibility. Our Chapter is unique in several ways including the age of our membership. Since the majority of our members are 65 and over, we are looking at a re-opening of sorts after May 24th. This is when 65 and older may venture out cautiously. Although members who don’t feel comfortable should not feel obligated to volunteer until they feel safe. Returning to the ways of the past is not what is best for our Chapter. Our thinking needs to change and adapt. The healthy practices that we have started during this time will indeed help us in the future IF we continue doing them. 

I’d like to share with you the new CCSFW Noll Workroom Policies that we will institute beginning May 24, 2020. We have purchased 2000 disposable masks for use by our members and clients during meetings, work sessions, and distribution of services.  We were quite lucky to be able to purchase them and are reminded that these cannot be resold, used for family members, or picked up for other use.  They are exclusively for use by Christ Child Society Members, Guests, and Clients during Christ Child Society work. We have also purchased gloves and cleaning supplies that should be used for CCSFW sanitation and safety in the Noll workroom only. At this time, the workroom should only be used for workdays such as assembly days, unpacking inventory, counting inventory, or bundling diapers/inventory. Meetings should continue to be conducted virtually through our Zoom account or by email. 

In scheduling the Noll workroom, the following rules apply:

  • If you have a cough, fever, sore throat or otherwise don’t feel well, please stay home.

  • Scheduling work days through Bette Worley  is required.

  • Only one ministry per day will be allowed to use the room in order to limit members and allow cleaning. 

  • Limit of 12 members in the workroom at one time. (Chair + Co-chair + 10 Members) 

  • Workroom is to be cleaned/disinfected before and after each work session. 

  • Everyone must wear masks. 

  • Gloves are to be used and then thrown away in the garbage at end of working. 

  • Social distancing should be maintained, as much as possible.

I hope that we can adhere to these policies and continue to stay healthy. I look forward to getting back together in these small groups to further our mission :)

The State of our Chapter


A postcard to our donors is being created to thank them and give a snapshot of how their donations furthered our mission in 2019. In the discussions leading up to this mailing, our Provisional Member Joy Olry, asked to put together a database for our Chapter. She has been compiling all of our Excel spreadsheets into one. She recognized our need and filled it!

Crib Club:

Schedulers for the Jefferson and Coliseum Crib Clubs were being sought last month and two members stepped forward to fill the need. Thank you Mary Harkenrider and Susi Andert for stepping up and serving our Crib Clubs!

Golfing For Kids 2020 has been canceled this year. We had too many variables and unknowns to be able to put on a successful fundraiser that was scheduled for early September. 

Grants: Annie McCory is our Grant Coordinator and has done a phenomenal job keeping this President acquainted with all of the paperwork and ever changing dynamics of individual grant requirements. I am sad to announce that at the end of the year 2020, Annie will be stepping down to travel with her husband. If you or anyone you know, would like to serve as CCSFW Grant Coordinator, Annie would love to talk to you about the time and talent needed to do the job :) 

Spiritual Committee:  Sunshine person for the month of May is Kathy Hartmann and prayer requests can be sent to Ellen Curtis

Layettes: The scheduled workday May 20th is canceled due to the Coronavirus. Teri and Jeanne will be in touch with their committee when they need help assembling layettes in the future.

Sewing Committee: In last month’s letter, I reported on all of the work the ladies had been doing during this Stay-at-Home order. I inadvertently gave the credit to the Chairpersons only. I apologize to the Sewing Committee. It was not my intention to exclude any of you and all of your hard work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the time spent sewing for CCSFW. I also would like to commend you for modeling the servant attitude and love of the Christ Child to your students!

God bless you all! 
Mary Virginia Merrick, pray for us!

Tina Bailey, CCSFW President