About Our Chapter

For over 125 years, the Christ Child Society has been devoted to improving the lives of children in need. The Christ Child Society of Fort Wayne is a charitable organization of volunteers of many denominations devoted to serving at-risk children regardless of race or creed.

Timeline of Service:

1884  The first layette of infant clothes made by Mary Virginia Merrick and her friends is delivered to an impoverished mother in Washington D.C.

1887  The Christ Child Society is formed by Mary Virginia Merrick.

1997  The Fort Wayne Chapter of the Christ Child Society is established by 18 local women,with the encouragement and support of Bishop John M. D'Arcy.

1998   The Chapter's official charter and articles of incorporation are approved and three core ministry programs are formed- Infant Layettes, "My Stuff" Backpacks, Koats for Kids.  This first year, 63 layettes, 100 backpacks, and 97 coats are given to children in need.

2000   Membership grows to over 100 women.

2004   Membership grows to well over 100 members and several more ministries and committees are formed (Tutoring/Literacy, Crib Club, Sewing, Spiritual & Fundraising) as needs in the community become apparent.

2018   The Chapter's 20th Anniversary is celebrated.  With over 200 members strong, the Fort Wayne Chapter distributes over 800 layettes, 2,000 coats, 850 backpacks and 130,000 diapers annually.  They partner with over 30 social, local agencies to assist and support infants and children in need.

Today, nearly 200 members strong, the Fort Wayne chapter distributes over 1900 coats and 750 layettes annually. We continue to share and expand on Mary Virginia Merrick's vision and seek ways to fill critical needs in today's social services. With the generosity of our community and the dedication of our volunteers we hope to break the cycle of poverty with our outreach to at-risk children.

More Information: info@christchildfw.org

The Christ Child Society of Fort Wayne, Indiana is a non-profit organization under IRS section 501(c)3:EIN# 35-2015467.  Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent provided by the law.